INVERLINK’s Private Equity Real Estate fund was the first real estate fund founded in Colombia. It was launched in November 2007, after identifying a large concentration of real estate assets in the balance sheet of corporations and their need to generate liquidity to boost their organic growth. Throughout its existence, the fund has been growing constantly as it has identified and captured value generating opportunities for its investors in both assets that will generate returns, and projects in development.

The fund is managed by INVERLINK Real Estate Structures, a subsidiary of INVERLINK S.A and created in 2012, with the objective of strengthening the management and investing team and to provide independence from the investment banking business.

INVERLINK Real Estate Structures has a highly qualified team, a strong corporate governance that has the support of an Investment Committee and an Oversight Committee for each fund, the collaboration of judiciary, real estate, and technical experts; key factors that allow us to carry out due diligence processes and rigorous and structured investments. Additionally, INVERLINK Real Estate Structures and its partners have closed investments in all the funds, aligning their interests with those of the shareholders.


Founding Partner