During the mid-90s’ in Colombia a question emerged within the private sector regarding the role companies should play when it came to solving social and justice issues in the Country.

INVERLINK  decided to take action to find achievable and effective answers to address the problem. The Company started contributing its work and expertise in the financial industry to diverse foundations in the social arena.

Investment banking firms, strategic consulting firms,  audit firms and legal firms were on the same boat. Taking advantage of this growing trend, and with a very active participation of INVERLINK, “Compartamos con Colombia”, a nonprofit organization comprised of 15 professional services firms was founded in 2001. Through this Foundation, these firms support social projects and different entities in the strengthening of their social investment programs.

INVERLINK also thinking about the future and on the occasion of the celebration of 30 years launches in 2016 the program INVERLINK – QUIERO ESTUDIAR – in support of Universidad de los Andes seek to generate educational opportunities of the highest quality for the population that, to despite having capabilities and the potential does not have them.