• INVERLINK advises companies and projects in the procurement of the necessary resources to execute their expansion and growth plans.

No matter the goal, INVERLINK is the ideal advisor to obtain the resources required to meet the client’s needs. Whether your capital needs require deciphering the local market or obtaining financing abroad, our advisory team will work with you to design the optimal capital structure and successfully execute the capital raising process.


INVERLINK is one of the industry leaders in the structuring and financing of projects. Our professionals have successfully advised both local and international clients on a wide variety of infrastructure projects, including highways, roads, airports, ports, energy generation facilities and mass transit operations, amongst others.

Our advisory services in this field typically begin with a thorough appraisal of the project and its risks. Throughout the structuring phase we focus on mitigating the project risks efficiently, in order to successfully complete the capital raising process; therefore, achieving a financial closing under favorable terms and conditions, for the maximum profitability of our clients.


INVERLINK is recognized as a leading firm in the capital procurement process for new equity emissions. We structure and execute transactions to successfully obtain, with optimal conditions, the capital necessary to achieve our clients’ strategic plans.

Our advisory services begin with a thorough examination of the client’s business model, risk profile, level of development, capital structure, strategic goals and overall financial profile. We then make recommendations and structure specific financing alternatives, based on the circumstances and strategic objectives of each client.


INVERLINK advises companies not listed on the public stock markets on the capital raising process necessary to implement their growth plans. We have a broad range of contacts and investors, which include: institutional investors, family offices, high net worth individuals, amongst others. We are able to effectively connect these investors with our client in order to meet their strategic goals.


INVERLINK, as an independent firm, assists its clients in obtaining syndicated or leveraged financing.

Although INVERLINK does not offer loans directly, we regularly assist our clients in obtaining and structuring financing from both local and international banks, as well as multilateral agencies. Due to our independence in negotiating these transactions, we can obtain favorable rates and conditions for our clients.

INVERLINK offers clients the possibility to securitize their assets and/or their cash flows.