The program is INVERLINK

Quiero Estudiar – Scholarship with commitment.

Laura is in her second semester of Industrial Engineering as a beneficiary of the program INVERLINK – Quiero Estudiar Scholarship with commitment.

Thinking about the future and with the occasion of the firm’s 30th anniversary, INVERLINK decided, as a contribution (or reimbursement) to the society that has supported their successful development throughout this 30 years, to launch another high impact initiative that seeks to provide educational opportunities of the highest quality to populations that, even though they have the capacities and potential, don’t have it.

The program is INVERLINK – Quiero Estudiar – Scholarship with commitment.

This initiative launched some years ago by the University of the Andes, an institution that, with the support of INVERLINK in the financial structuring, designed this program with the intention of “incentivizing the access to higher education of young Colombians with academic and personal merits, but that don´t have enough economic resources to pay for quality college education”.

With this motivation, INVERLINK decided to create a scholarship that, for 32 years, will benefit eight young talented students of limited economic resources that want to study majors related to the economic sciences (business administration, industrial engineering, or economics for example) with the hope that in the future they would like to work for INVERLINK and develop their professional career. Through the program, the students will receive 95% of the cost of their tuition each semester for the number of semesters their career specifies and up to four extra ones. In the same way, they can study any number of vacations or summer sessions they want, with the same support structure.

On the other hand, the eight students that will benefit from the program commit to pay the monthly reciprocity fee to support other students of their university that have economic needs and benefit of the program. Additionally, the benefitted students will pledge to give to the INVERLINK – Quiero Estudiar program 20% percent of their income for twice the time they were in college.