Inverlink and Compartamos with Colombia, United in the professionalization of the social sector in Colombia

Compartamos con Colombia (CCC) is a nonprofit (corporation) that works as a strategic vehicle of social responsibility for 16 professional services firms, including INVERLINK. Through this multi-business model, CCC seeks to generate a real impact that will help bring social development in Colombia.

Since 2001, INVERLINK has been working with CCC as one of its founding partners. During these 16 years, our company has helped multiple social organizations with counseling and advice from our partners and professionals, who participate voluntarily in CCC’s Institutional Strengthening and Social Innovation Lab projects.

By forming part of Compartamos, INVERLINK and all the partner firms have made  important commitments together with the corporation:

  • Participate in the corporate governance of the organization
  • Support projects with technical expertise Contribute time from firm’s partners and professionals in the organization’s initiatives
  • Support the operation of Corpartamos with an annual economic contribution
  • Participate actively in the Board of Directors and as senior advisors on projects
  • Promote opportunities to build key relationships for the organization

INVERLINK is very proud to form part of CCC and support the construction of a better country through their important initiatives.

For more information visit:

Twitter: @CCColombia

Facebook: Compartamos con Colombia

As of today, Compartamos con Colombia focusses its efforts on three fronts, with which they seek to contribute to the social transformation of the country:

Institutional Strengthening:

Generate and strengthen the capacities of social organizations with high social impact and a good assimilation capacity, to generate significant social change.

Sustainable Businesses and Shared Value:

Design and structure sustainable business strategies for private firms, by incorporating initiatives in their value chain and interest groups.

Social Innovation Lab:

Solve complex social challenges using collective transformation processes that include multiple actors.