Founding Partner of Inverlink

MBA, Harvard Business School. BA Industrial Economics, Universidad de los Andes.

Mr. Encinales was the man in charge of launching INVERLINK onto the market. With more than 30 years of experience in the investment banking industry, Mr. Encinales has lead multiple highly complex M&A transactions in various industries, including Progreso Corporación Financiera, Progreso Leasing, Progreso Reforestadora, Agrifim de Colombia, Rapistan de Colombia, Seguridad Móvil, Colcomp, Gameco, Crump América, CDM de Colombia, Café Almendra Tropical, Ofa, Calox, IFC, J.E. Rueda y Cia., Ospinas y Cia. S.A., Computec S.A. and Luminex, amongst others.

Between 1984 and 1985, prior to INVERLINK’s foundation, Mr. Encinales served as Vice President of Banco de Colombia in its negotiation division, during which time, he had the opportunity to direct the privatization process of the Grupo Grancolombiano. Mr. Encinales also served on various Boards of Directors of Colombian companies, including President of the Board of Directors of Diners Club de Colombia S.A. and Member of the Board of Directors of Cabot Colombiana S.A., Agrifim de Colombia S.A., Cenpro T.V. S.A., Gameco S.A., Crump América S.A., Colcomp S.A., Fortaleza Compañía de Financiamiento Comercial S.A. and Operationsmile.org.